The New Homeschooler’s Starter Kit™ THE BONUS PACKAGE

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If you are ready to cut the cord on public school and take back control of your child’s education, OR you are starting from scratch and want to begin homeschooling, The New Homeschooler’s Starter Kit is for YOU!  It has everything you need to get started on your journey of Homeschooling For Heaven™.

Why waste hundreds of hours Googling “how to homeschool” or worse, listening to someone who just started their homeschooling journey and isn’t experienced? As a homeschool graduate myself, I’ve taken my own 18 years of experience being homeschooled, and my 15+ years of experience homeschooling my children to put together this invaluable resource for new homeschoolers.

I’ve put hundreds of hours into writing this e-Book (and lots of nights staying up till 4am to finish it!) to answer a need in the homeschooling community. I get dozens of DM’s every day asking me for advice on how to start homeschooling and as much as I’d love to answer everyone individually, there aren’t enough hours in the day! That is why I put everything you need to know and the answers to all the most common questions I get asked into this e-Book!

My New Homeschooler’s Starter Kit will help you get started on the right foot, save you hours of research and frustration, and help you pave a pathway to success for your first year of homeschooling.

I give you everything you actually need to know and nothing that you don’t. You won’t have to read between the lines or get left wondering what you need to do next because you’ll have an action plan!

No annoying videos or courses to try to find time to watch. Everything is loaded into this informative e-Book that you can easily reference from your phone, iPad or computer whenever you want. You can easily bring this e-Book into the Books app on your phone so you can bookmark your favorite pages, highlight the important parts, and search the book for keywords to quickly find what you need. You can’t do that with video courses!

I’ve also included printables like daily planning pages, weekly planning pages, a homeschool supplies shopping list, a curriculum shopping list, curriculum wishlists, and more!

Let’s build a vision for your homeschooling that is unapologetically true to who you are in Christ and what you want for your children. This is where you start your journey of Homeschooling For Heaven™! 🙌

It includes:

✺ How to find your state’s laws
✺ Discovering various homeschooling styles
✺ Tips for selecting your curriculum
✺ Developing a daily rhythm and schedule for your family
✺ Choosing homeschool supplies
✺ Creating a homeschool space
✺ How to make God a priority
✺ Finding your mama tribe
✺ Filling your cup and avoiding triggers

And more!

With this kit, you will receive:

  • New Homeschooler’s Starter Kit – e-Book of 120+ pages
  • Start Homeschooling Checklist
  • Homeschooler’s Morning Prayer Print (8×10)
  • Printable Planning Pages, 15 pages

VALUE: $97+


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, I’m adding in all these bonus PDF guides for FREE!!

  • Deschooling How-To Guide ($15)
  • Daily Magnificat Journal for Kids ($15)
  • Morning Menu for Mamas ($15)
  • Books of The Bible Mini Bundle ($10)


This legit has it all. The amount of info, resources, and materials in this kit is MIND-BLOWING. This is what you need to get started! Are you ready?!



The New Homeschooler’s Starter Kit is a digital download only. No physical products will be shipped to you.

The files will be available to download after you checkout.  You must download each asset separately.

  • The New Homeschooler’s Starter Kit, 120 pages
  • Start Homeschooling Checklist
  • Homeschooler’s Morning Prayer Print
  • Printable Planning Pages, 15 pages

The e-Book is a PDF file that will come in 1 compressed .zip file and the Printables Packet in a second .zip file that contains multiple PDFs. I recommend you print the printable files using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note:

✺ This listing is for a digital file only and no physical product will be shipped.

✺ Personal use only please. I know you might want to share all this amazing info with your friends, but please direct them back here to purchase their own starter kit. Contact me personally and I will give you $5 for every person you refer who actually purchases the e-Book! Just send me their name and email address or order number so I can confirm the order was placed along with your Venmo or Paypal! I want to reward you for sharing this incredible resources with as many people as possible!

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✺ Not for commercial use or resale. Do not copy or distribute any content found within this eBook.

✺ Beware of imitators and copycats.

2 reviews for The New Homeschooler’s Starter Kit™ THE BONUS PACKAGE

  1. Great Product! (verified owner)

    This guide was wonderful! It helped me organized my thoughts and goals. It is very clear and gives easy steps to take to move forward with and plan for homeschooling. We are so excited to start homeschooling in a few weeks and we feel so well prepared thanks to this guide!

  2. Gracie Jagla (verified owner)

    I am almost at a loss for words for how to describe this product, how much I love it, and the blessing it will be to my family. I guess the first thing I want to start off with is this– no exaggeration, this guide is truly what pushed me over the edge to decide to homeschool. It is that good and powerful. For me, considering homeschooling was so overwhelming because I knew so little and had absolutely no idea where to begin. There are so many things to consider, so many things to discover, and you have to spend hours upon hours looking up the individual answers to every one. The greatest gift of this guide is that it takes EVERYTHING that you need to know and brings it into one simple, easy, manageable place. And, oh, you don’t even know the peace I had in reading through this, realizing how much time and effort all of Sarah’s work was saving me. And if you’re wondering what you’re getting for your money, this is no brief 3-page guide with general information. This is basically a full homeschooling book, complete with printables, so much research… it is worth every single penny. This guide has been the most indispensable thing I’ve found in my journey to start homeschooling so far (along with Sarah Mackenzie’s Teaching From Rest:)) I will recommend this to everyone! And, as a Catholic children’s author myself, I can vouch for how deeply rooted this guide is in faith, goodness, and beauty. It will no doubt bring you and your family closer to Jesus.

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