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  • Mass Morning Menu™


    If you are looking to keep your Preschool/Kindergarten-aged kiddos engaged in a meaningful (and quiet!) way during Mass, look no further than our Mass Morning Menu™! A standard Morning Menu is a selection of simple skills for little ones to practice daily. Unlike a regular morning menu though, this one is designed just for Mass!…

  • Sale! RWS Deschooling How-To Guide

    Deschooling Guide – The 4 Week Challenge


    Before you start shopping for curriculum and buying up all the homeschool supplies, take the 4-Week Deschooling Challenge! This 18-page workbook has our exclusive 4-Week Deschooling Challenge laid out for you with 4 weeks of easy assignments (and a bonus challenge too!) that will help you reframe your mindset, embrace home over school, put your…

  • Sale! Daily Magnificat Journal

    Daily Magnificat Journal for Kids


    I’m so excited to share this special reflection journal designed to help your children grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with God. The Daily Magnificat Journal is inspired by the beautiful Magnificat prayer, where the Blessed Virgin Mary magnified the Lord with her soul. With this journal, we aim to guide your children…